MTC Nursery 1 REV
Marple Tree Commission

At Last! A Nursery for MTC!

Posted  January 25, 2016  by  admin

These volunteers are pleased with their work on MTC’s new nursery. Back row, left to right: Ernie Telgheider, Janis Egan, Marianne Price. Front row: Chase and Colbin Charron. Not pictured are Rick Ray and Bill Brainerd.   Trees! Trees! Trees! How will we store them until they are ready for planting? This is the question […]

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Tree Information

MTC Presents a Must-See Presentation on the Emerald Ash Borer!

Posted  November 2, 2015  by  admin

Neil Lipson and Jim Elliott have put together this must-see PowerPoint presentation on the threat of the Emerald Ash Borer beetle, affecting anyone who has ash trees on their property. Marianne Price and Rick Ray also contributed to this important project, to bring you the information you need to deal with this imminent threat. Click […]

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The impact of a community forest. Imagery provided by Google Earth.
Marple Tree Commission

Mission Statement

Posted  October 4, 2015  by  admin

“Recognizing that Marple Township’s community forest is essential to the health and well being of its residents, the Marple Tree Commission works to assure that the trees that grow within our township, on both public and private property, are respected and cared for. We seek to foster a sense of shared commitment by township residents […]

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Marple Woods 4
Marple Tree Commission

Re-Leaf Marple Plants Five Trees at Marple Woods Condominiums

Posted  August 26, 2015  by  admin

Cheryl Macklin, MTC secretary, waters a newly planted tree at Marple Woods where she is a resident.   On Sunday, June 14, 2015, curious and enthusiastic residents greeted Janis Egan, Marianne Price, and Rick Ray from the Marple Tree Commission who planted five trees at Marple Woods condominiums as part of the Re-Leaf Marple program. For […]

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Mar Arbor Day 1
Marple Tree Commission

Arbor Day 2015

Posted  August 9, 2015  by  admin

    Marple’s Arbor Day flag, presented by the state Bureau of Forestry, was displayed by commissioner Rob Fortebuono and his children, (left to right) Santino, 9, Italia, 7, and Dante, 4. Celebrating Arbor Day with a New Kentucky Coffeetree By Leslie Krowchenko, DCNN Correspondent, County Press The Marple Tree Commission (MTC) celebrated Arbor Day, […]

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