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September 1, 2017

2017, A Banner Year for Re-Leaf Marple

A Dogwood (foreground), Okame Cherry (background) and Himalayan Birch were planted by Re-Leaf  Marple at a home on Barclay Lane.


ongratulations to Janis Egan, Re-Leaf Marple project coordinator, and Rick Ray, MTC horticulturalist, who “singlehandedly” planted 47 trees on Marple homeowners’ properties in 2017. Re-Leaf Marple helps homeowners to beautify their landscapes and to restore Marple’s community forest.

Homeowners could choose a tree(s) from a list of 20 different types of trees ranging in price from $20 – $35. Planting and staking the tree and the installation of deer protection were included in the purchase price. In turn, homeowners agreed to water the tree(s) weekly for two growing seasons, protect the tree from string trimmers, maintain a mulched, weed-free area at the base of the tree(s), and apply deer protection as needed after the first two years.

Re-Leaf Maple also planted a Swamp White Oak (left) and a Yoshino Cherry.

Twenty-three residents participated with 11 of them purchasing more than one tree. The types of trees planted varied from small flowering trees such as Redbud and Okame Cherry to large trees such as Chestnut Oak and River Birch.

In 2012, the pilot program for Re-leaf Marple planted 14 trees. Only two types of trees were available. As word of the program has spread, the demand for trees has steadily increased. “In fact,” said Janis Egan, “we were almost sold out of trees within the first three weeks following the release of this year’s list.”

An example of the impact that Re-Leaf Marple is having can be seen at a property on Barclay Lane. When the current homeowners arrived in 2014, a Japanese Maple was the only tree in the front yard. In 2016, Re-Leaf Marple planted a Swamp White Oak, a native Dogwood, a Yoshino Cherry and a Himalayan Birch. An Okame Cherry was added in 2017. These homeowners conscientiously use the white buckets (provided by Re-Leaf Marple) to keep their trees well watered.

A list of trees available in 2018 will appear on this website in February.

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