What is Re-Leaf Marple?

Re-Leaf Marple is a program of the Marple Tree Commission through which Marple Township residents can purchase trees for their properties at nominal cost.

What kinds of trees are available?

Approximately 50 trees ranging from small (height of 20’) to very large (height of 80’) are available for purchase each spring. Small flowering trees have proved to be the most popular.

What is the role of the Marple Tree Commission after they sell you the tree(s)?

With your purchase of a tree, members of the Tree Commission will assist you in siting, planting, mulching and staking the tree. They will also install protection from string trimmers (weed wackers) and deer.

What is the role of the homeowner?

The homeowner must:

  • be present when the tree is planted
  • agree to water the tree during the growing season for a period of 2 years, (the amount of time it takes for the tree to become established)
  • keep the base of the tree free from weeds and grass
  • install string trimmer and deer protection as needed after the first two years
  • give permission for members of the Tree commission to come onto the property to inspect the tree

How does the homeowner go about purchasing a tree?

To order a tree, contact Re-Leaf Coordinator, Janis Egan, by phone, at 610-356-5046. The list of trees changes from year to year.  A new list is typically posted on the website around the beginning of March. Trees are planted in early spring.

A final note:

Small trees sell out very quickly.

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